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Upcoming Events

Schedule of upcoming services, online meetings and prayer times. Text for prayers are linked.

To join our meetings or for prayer requests, please contact us.


Sun 2nd April: Typika (Обедница) at 10:30am St Mary of Egypt.

 **Lenten Vespers: every Monday at 18:30**  

Sat 8th March: Divine Liturgy at 10:30am (Confessions from 9:45) Lazarus Saturday.

All at Christ Church, 91 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 7JH (Please get in touch if you need more information). Refreshments after services.


SATURDAY Liturgy at 10:30am
(usually 2nd Saturday of each month)

11th March 2023: Divine Liturgy at 10:30am Parents’ Saturday (Суббота Родительская. - Remembrance of the dead). Confessions from 9:45am.

8th April 2023: Divine Liturgy at 10:30am Lazarus Saturday (Лазарева суббота)Confessions from 9:45am

13th May 2023: Divine Liturgy at 10:30am Apostle James [Ап. Иакова] & St Ignatius (Brianchaninov) [Свт. Игнатия Брянчанинова]. Confessions from 9:45am.

10th June 2023: Divine Liturgy at 10:30am. Confessions from 9:45am.

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SUNDAY Typika or Liturgy at 10:30am

(usually 1st Sunday of every month)

5th March: Typika (Обедница) at 10:30am. First Sunday of Lent (Неделя 1-я Великого поста)

2nd April: Typika (Обедница) at 10:30am. Ven. Mary of Egypt (Прп. Марии Египетской)

All at Christ Church, 91 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 7JH.


Special Events, Weekday Services and Pilgrimages

At Christ Church, 91 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield, S41 7JH unless otherwise stated.

Mon 6th March: Lenten Vespers at 18:30

Mon 13th March: Lenten Vespers at 18:30

Mon 20th March: Lenten Vespers at 18:30

Mon 27th March: Lenten Vespers at 18:30

Mon 3rd April: Lenten Vespers at 18:30

Mon 10th April: Bridegroom Matins at 18:30

Thu 13th April: Twelve Gospels at 18:30

Sun 16th April: Pascha (Пасха) Agape Vespers at 15:00


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