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Canon and Akathist for the Departed

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Here is the Canon for the Soul of a Departed Person and the Akathist for the Departed. Both are arranged for home use and text is large enough to print off as a booklet. The departed are usually remembered on Saturdays, the day Christ descended into Hades after His crucifixion, but the departed can be prayed for at any time.

The Canon is often said very soon after a person's repose, but can be said at any time as a memorial service. It is written to be used to commemorate and pray for an individual but can be easily changed for more than one person. The words of the canon make clear it is intended to be prayed for someone who is an Orthodox Christian and who hoped for eternal life. However, God sees our heart and intention when praying privately so do not be discouraged from praying the canon and remembering who you see fit.

Canon for Departed (booklet)
Download PDF • 302KB

The Akathist is shorter than normal Akathists and is intended to be said in remembrance of our loved ones. The content of the prayers make it clear that the Akathist can be said for anyone, regardless of background or religious affiliation.

Akathist for the Departed (booklet)
Download PDF • 307KB

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