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The Typika for home use

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The Typika (Gr. τυπικα) or Obednitza (Sl. Обедница) is a brief service appointed on numerous occasions but especially when no bishop or priest is present. It incorporates parts of the Liturgy and is therefore appropriate as a replacement for the Divine Liturgy if no priest is available or if someone is unable to attend Church. Although it is for "home use", the service here could also be used in a church building with a deacon, reader or other layperson as leader.

Throughout the service, various parts can be sung as they would at the Divine Liturgy except the Epistle and Gospel readings, which should be read, not chanted or intoned. The booklet below has all the fixed and variable elements needed to serve the Typika during weekdays outside Lent and, in particular, Sundays.

Typika (booklet)
Download PDF • 407KB

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