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Akathist to Blessed Xenia of St Petersburg (24 Jan / 6 Feb)

Blessed Xenia of St Petersburg was an 18th century "Fool-for-Christ" - a holy man or woman who appears mad to most of the world, but is later revealed to be living a holy life. St Xenia lost her husband when still a childless young woman and, in grief, gave all her possessions away and disappeared for 8 years; it is believed this time was spent at a hermitage learning the spiritual life.

Returning to St Petersburg, Mother Xenia appeared to have gone insane: she wore her husband's old overcoat, went by the name Andrei and wandered the streets with the paupers. Before her death, many residents of St Petersburg had come to recognize St Xenia's gifts for wonder-working and clairvoyance (lit: "clear-vision"). Her grave became a pilgrimage site immediately on her repose and even unto this day she has been known to perform miracles. She is especially prayed to for help in finding employment, finding a home or finding a spouse (three things she renounced on earth).

Below is the Akathist service book for St Xenia, which can be printed off in booklet form.

Akathist Hymn to St Xenia (booklet)
Download PDF • 475KB

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